Maria Menounos Steps Down From E! News After Revealing Brain Tumor [PIC]

I remember Maria Menounos posting something on Mother’s Day about her Mom and how she had been caring for her after she found out she had stage four brain cancer.

Now, months later, Maria revealed she has stepped down from E! News after finding out she also had a brain tumor. She said back in February she was getting headaches on set along with getting lightheaded and slurred speech. She went to get it checked out and found out she had a golf ball sized¬†meningioma brain tumor pushing on her facial nerves. Maria underwent a 7 hour surgery to get it removed on June 8th, her 39th birthday. The surgery was successful, her Doctor was able to get 99.9% of the tumor out and there’s only a 7% chance it will come back. Those are great odds. She is recovering at home with the help of her fiance. After all of this, her main focus is still her mom. She can’t wait to recover so she can go back to being her support system. See her emotional post on Instagram below…

SOURCE: People 

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