New Documentary Claims Amelia Earhart Survived Crash, Photo Evidence

Stuff like this is super interesting to me. I know a limited amount of theories regarding Amelia Earhart, but this one caught my attention.

Almost 80 years ago, Amelia took off in her Lockheed Electra from New Guinea and disappeared somewhere over the Central Pacific Ocean. Her plane or body were never found but there’s a documentary airing this Sunday that claims they have photo evidence that she survived.

In the documentary they show a photo that was taken on a South Pacific island days after she vanished. In the photo there is a person sitting on the dock surrounded by people. They are claiming the person sitting down is Amelia and the people around her are possibly her captors.

See the photo HERE.

If you’re just as intrigued as I am, the documentary airs this Sunday on the History Channel.


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