Did You Go On An Earlymoon With Your Spouse, Or A Honeymoon?

Earlymoon. Earlymoon? What’s an “earlymoon?”

An earlymoon is just like a honeymoon, only it happens before the wedding. More couples are beginning to go on earlymoons, pre-wedding, to de-stress from wedding planning, and to help them reconnect before the actual ceremony. It’s basically just a pre-wedding vacation, which in this new generation of world-travelers is really no surprise.

Nick went on a pre-wedding vacation with his fiance and says that they were greeted with champagne and macaroons in their hotel room, and enjoyed some “really nice” dinners when he and now-wife Christina jetted off to Paris for their earlymoon. Christina says it was their way of enjoying each other’s company without having to worry about anything, and taking a break from all the wedding plans. Oh, the couple had a regular honeymoon after the wedding, too.

By the way, why is the traditional post-wedding vacation called a “honeymoon” anyway? Going back to Babylonian times when the bride’s father would give the groom mead for the month following the wedding. Mead is a honey beer, given for a month, making it the “honey-month.” Babylon calendars are lunar calendars – so that’s where “moon” came from. It gradually transitioned into honeymoon. Pretty cool!


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