“Sex Robots” Might Be A Thing Soon

And They Might Be Used In Retirement Communities

We’re coming along in “future” technology, I mean it’s basically already here. There are even machines that will fold laundry for you, automatically. It was only a matter of time before jokes about sex robots started becoming reality.

Someone suggested that sex robots would be beneficial to the elderly, or even just sick people (physically ill, we mean), because it would allow them the chance to overcome anxiety, and even erectile dysfunction in some cases. They could basically be used for sex therapy. The researcher behind this, Professor Noel Sharkey, says that elderly people in care homes “do want to have sex but it’s kind of against their dignity, especially if they have severe Alzheimer’s.”

Professor Sharkey went on to say that if anyone has some kind of social anxiety about having sex, they can get “personal practice” without having to involve a person, possibly for fear of performance issues or judgements. The robots may also be useful for those who have social anxiety and find it difficult to meet people, or if someone is just lonely.

Another fascinating part of the story? Two-thirds of men are curious about trying out a robot, while two-thirds of women are against it.


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