Sacramento: The Silicon Valley Of The Future?

We all know it – Sacramento is a growing hot spot for Bay Area workers, due to the much lower cost of living as compared to San Francisco. Even driving every day with tolls and gas, you can still save money by commuting to your Bay Area job as opposed to paying rent prices out there. But will it be Silicon Valley 2.0?

It’s actually starting to look like an option for tech companies too. Silicon Valley has been the hot-spot for technology, software, web, and engineering jobs since the 70s and even earlier, and now due to the ever growing expenses that companies and residents alike are facing, expansion is due and Sacramento is on the shortlist.

There are plenty of programmers living in the Sacramento region already, about 11,500 or so. Being Sacramento residents (and many of them likely working from home), the salary they’re earning is about $20,000 less than if they were to live in the Bay Area, but even with that extra 20k, would you really have more in the bank after spending so much more on rent than out there? And that’s what companies are looking at now too for future expansion. Property and rest prices will probably start increasing here too though. It’s going to be a delicate balance.

There were some other cities around the U.S. mentioned, like Colorado Springs in Colorado, Albany in New York, and even Madison, Wisconsin. We’ll see what happens in the future, but it does sound like Sacramento is a top-pick for a lot of tech companies’ future expansions.


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