Facebook, Google Among Companies Pushing For Toll Increase

It’s true, Facebook and Google are both among companies in the Bay Area who are pushing to increase the tolls over the bridges to get out there by as much as $3. While Google and Facebook have been singled out, there is a whole coalition of Bay Area companies who are pushing for the increase, those two mentioned are just among the largest.

There are 7 bridges that would have the toll increased, including the Bay Bridge, already $6 for high-traffic times, which could increase even more to $9. The reason for the idea of increased tolls has to do with all the traffic congestion heading into the Bay Area. Companies say it’s hard to keep employees, as well as attract new employees, with all the traffic. Some people are commuting 90 minutes each way to and from work, showing up late, and overall hurting the companies’ productivity. Some people just don’t want to deal with a job that has them dealing with all that traffic.

The tolls would bring in an estimated $125 million which will be used on road projects designed to decrease congestion, and we also think that the increased tolls would encourage more carpooling, which would then ease even more of the congestion.

Do you commute to the Bay Area on a regular basis? Do you think the increased toll will help ease congestion?


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