Science Says Women Prefer Hairy Men

We’re not talking trimmed beard and man-bun here, we mean hairy, like, chest and back hair type of hairy.

There’s logic behind that, on more of a biological, evolutionary standpoint. It goes something like this – men and women both have the same number of hair follicles, but men’s hair grows in more “terminal,” as in it’s a thick, wiry, furry type of hair that is easy to see. Women’s hair grows in a more thin, peach-fuzz type of style, called “vellus.”

It’s suspected that men naturally became more hairy as a sort of symbol of health and fitness, being “manly.” Obviously men have no control over this, it’s a natural phenomenon, but on a “animal instinct” level, it makes sense. Testosterone is what helps make a man hairy. More testosterone means more energy, higher sex-drive, confidence, etc. And that’s what attracts a woman, according to that logic and theory.

But we’re probably right to assume a furry back and messy looking chest is probably a turn off? It depends on your personal opinion, I suppose.


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