Man Trapped In ATM Begs For Help, Writes Notes On Receipts

No, he wasn’t trying to steal from the machine either.

A technician was working on a lock to the room that houses that components of an ATM at a bank. He was inside the room working on the lock when, presumably while testing the lock, the door became locked closed, trapping him in the room. Why couldn’t he call for help? He left his phone in his work truck. Uh-oh.

Resorting to desperation, he began writing notes on receipt paper, begging customers of the bank to help him, to let someone know, and to even call his boss. Apparently many of the people thought it was a prank, so they just laughed as they continued on with their day.

See one of the notes here.

About 2 hours after becoming trapped in the room, someone finally did take the note seriously, and called the police. When they arrived, they could hear faint screaming coming from the room. A swift kick to the door, and the man was freed.

What’s alarming here is, well, besides the fact that so many people ignored a man’s notes for help, was that the door to an ATM, a computer which houses who knows how many thousands of dollars, could simply be kicked in. But hey, maybe that’s why the lock was being replaced anyway.


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