Serena Williams Talks About First Million Dollar Check

And About How The Bank Wouldn't Take It

Serena Williams is no doubt one of the best (probably THE best) female tennis players, and we’re certain she could hold her own in a match with a male tennis player too.

She was talking about her first million dollar paycheck while discussing how she doesn’t play for the money. She says she took the check to the bank, and just casually tried to deposit it while going through the drive-through. Yeah, it didn’t work. The teller said something along the lines of “I think you need to come in for this.”

She went on to say that she doesn’t play for the money. I know you’re thinking “right, and I go to work every day because I enjoy it.” Well, she does truly enjoy playing tennis, and when she first began playing professionally and getting paid for it, she would always forget, she says, to pick up her checks. At the end of the season, the tournament directors would literally just hand her the checks. True story.


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