WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Tries Chocolate and Bacon Pizza…And Spits It Out

If you don’t know Gordon Ramsay by now you are either not a food fan (is that possible?) or you’ve just been hiding under a rock for the past decade or so.

FoodBeast recently posted a classic Hotel Hell moment when Chef Ramsay’s trip to the MerK Bistro Italiano turned worse than imaginable. Upon his arrival to help the struggling business, Ramsay was greeted by one of two managers named Dave, who pretty much said the food is awful.

So what does Ramsay do? Ordered the worst sounding item on the menu. Titled the “chocolate pig,” the 10-inch dessert pizza is covered with chocolate, strawberries and bacon. Needless to say the food connoisseur took one bite and spit it back out before putting it on blast.

You can see the video hereWarning, contains strong language. 


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