Why Charlie Puth’s ‘See You Again’ Was Almost Never Seen

Charlie Puth wrote and starred in the most-viewed music video ever, “See You Again,” which, of course, was used in the movie “Furious 7” as the sort of memorial song for Paul Walker, who lost his life in a car crash before the movie production was finished.

They wanted to use the song for the movie, but they wanted to have Charlie Puth be a writer of the song only, and not sing or be in the music video at all. Charlie Puth wasn’t about to be cast aside and set to some pretty confident negotiations. He was in a meeting, talking on the phone to the production team who wanted to use the song. He basically told them that if they didn’t use his voice on the song, and didn’t use him in the music video, he was going to pull the song from the movie just a week before the movie launched. He says he hung up the phone, and next thing he knew, he was in the music video.

There’s a lot to the story, and it really shows that Charlie Puth is a smart guy, and has a great grasp and understanding of the music business already at such a young age. He’s set to have a seriously successful career moving forward, and we can’t wait to see what else he does.


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