Breast Milk Brownies – Would You Eat Them?

To be 100% upfront, many people seem to think this story is a hoax, but it does get you wondering.

A woman claims that she made “breast milk brownies” for her kid’s school bake sale. She says that she “didn’t have time to run to the store” for more milk, so she apparently decided to use her stash of breast milk instead. “I didn’t think it was a big deal,” she says.

One person asked how anyone at the bake sale even found out. Let’s just assume it was posted on Facebook, or she told someone at the sale, something like that for argument’s sake.

Is it wrong to bake with breast milk? Well no, you can actually buy cookbooks that give you recipes for use with breast milk. So it does cook/bake at least somewhat similarly to regular milk from the store. It is safe for other people to consume (although they do say it’s possible for diseases to be transmitted through breast milk), but then there’s a moral situation. Can I drink someone’s breast milk? Yes. Do I want to? Well, not really. Especially when I expect regular, store-bought milk used in some tasty chocolatey fudge squares. Should you tell people you used your breast milk in baked goods that they’re about to eat? Absolutely.

Someone else argued that she’s never made brownies with any sort of milk anyway, and that’s a good point. Usually it’s just eggs, water, oil, etc, right? Plus the post was shared anonymously, so that’s another red flag. But still, I’m sure there’s someone out there who’s done this.

Would you eat food made with someone else’s breast milk?


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