Explained – We’re Not Having As Much Sex As We Used To

Despite the “easy availability” of sex (Tinder, porn, etc), people these days are actually having less sex than they were 20 years ago, on average, per age group.

There isn’t really a “sure” reason why, but there are some good arguments. It doesn’t seem like longer hours at work are the problem either. One theory is that it seems that people are generally waiting longer before having kids, which would mean, according to the article, that they’re “too tired for sex.”

Speaking of kids, parents are so involved in their children’s lives now (driving to school, sports, homework), and even dealing with forgotten or lost items, tantrums, sickness, everything that we parents do and deal with, that by the time a free moment comes up, sex almost seems like “too much,” and people, looking to unwind and de-stress, turn to Netflix. Minus the chill.

Another thing to consider is the rise in medicine use. Some medicines have side effects that cause either a low drive, uninterest, or inability completely. Also, diabetes is on the rise, and that can cause sexual issues too, and even cancer treatments.

Yet another contributor is cell phone use. More couples are spending more time looking at their phones than they spend time connecting with each other, including right there in bed.

There’s a whole lot of really interesting information in the article, check it out for yourself.

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