The Social Media Bullying Flip-Flop – Instagram Top Playground Now

It used to be Facebook was the top-spot for online bullying, with 87% of kids being bullied saying it happened on Facebook. That was a few years ago, and times have changed. Before Facebook, wasn’t it just the hallways at school and playgrounds where everything happened? Anyway, there’s been a sort of “migration” to Instagram, with Facebook almost being a dying format, at least as far as young people were concerned.

These days, Instagram is the number one social media platform as far as bullying. Users are reporting that they’re seeing more bullying than even Snapchat, with 42% of young people reporting being bullied. 37% on Facebook now, down from 87% in 2013, and a mere 31% on Snapchat.

Cyberbullying includes hateful comments, lewd photos, unwelcome private messages, and even wrongfully reported profiles, which means your profile gets temporarily turned off until an employee can review the case, sometimes taking several days.

One 13 year old user says she was the target of some bullying, saying someone had a picture of her and would photoshop it onto some other nude photo if she didn’t answer his phone call.

To combat the situation, Instagram says they actually have some new tools that will let users create their own lists of words in comments that will be hidden automatically, automatic “offensive comment” detection and hiding, and even the ability to turn comments off all together.


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