Luxury Toothpicks Are A Thing, And They’re Way Too Much

Toothpicks. Those little strips of wood – or just plastic – that we shove between our teeth to get things out from between our teeth. When we finish, we toss it in the trash. But luxury toothpicks are here, and they make us feel so much worse about picking our teeth.

A guy decided to leave the finance industry and pursue his passion of crafting fancy toothpicks. They’re your typical wood construction. They’re round, and have a sharp point at the end, just like any ordinary toothpick, but these picks are flavored, “bourbon, single malt, ginger honey, lemon, mint and cinnamint.” They come in a glass tube, sealed with a cork. There’s even a tamper seal. The tube comes packed with 12 picks, and you get 4 tubes per pack, at a cost of $25. Yeah, that’s about $.52 per toothpick.

His company also sells leather pouches to carry your toothpicks. The cheapest version they have will carry one tube of toothpicks (12), and sells for $57. The most expensive toothpick pouch they sell carries 6 tubes (72 toothpicks), and retails for $456. No, there isn’t a missing decimal point in those prices.

We’ll keep our opinion to ourselves, but if you’re in the market for nice things and love to pick your teeth, well, why not do it with style. There’s a whole history about toothpick use, detailing it’s debut as a high-society item that symbolized wealth, to it’s modern day use, and why this man decided to make his living selling them.

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