People Spending Thousands Of Dollars For Temporary Dimples

It’s a plastic surgery, and it only lasts a couple months, and can cost upwards of $2,500. Dimples are one of the latest plastic surgery trend among young people, and it’s drivin the price up like crazy in recent months.

Dr. Wright Jones is a plastic surgeon in Atlanta, and he’s seen 3x growth in people (mostly millennials) coming in requesting the procedure. It’s called dimpleplasty, and takes about a half hour. It requires no downtime, and no general anaesthesia. They cut into the cheek which creates a “defect,” and then stitch the skin back over the cut. That lets the skin sort of sink into the cut, creating the dimple. After several weeks, everything heals back up and the dimple goes away.

Doctors explain dimples as a “birth defect,” saying that they’re caused by a tight connection between the muscles and the skin. It’s thought that some people who don’t have dimples want them because they see dimples as a facial feature that is attractive, and one woman says “she watched as friends of hers with dimples got their way because of the endearing facial features.”

Would you consider dimple plastic surgery, or do you feel like cosmetic surgery is going way too far?


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