Paleontologists Have A Bone To Pick With Apple

That pun was totally intentional.

Paleontologists are mad at the latest Apple emoji update, specifically they’re a little displeased with the dinosaur. One of the new emoji icons is supposed to represent a T-Rex. Apparently iPhone users really wanted an emoji to depict a dinosaur, and Apple answered.

As an associate professor of biology (Carthage College in Wisconsin), Thomas Carr is also a vertebrate paleontologist. He pointed out 6 specific issues with the new emoji, listed below. When asked if he would ever use the emoji, he responded “Unfortunately, not this version.” What we’re wondering is why an emoji is such a source of offense. Is it that big of a deal?

See a picture f the T-Rex emoji here.

Here are the inaccuracies that Thomas pointed out:
1 – Eye location. The eyes should be on the side of the head, not on top.
2 – The lower teeth of a tyrannosaurs rex would never be visible when the jaw is closed.
3 – The arms are too long and skinny.
4 – The dino’s ear is in the wrong spot. Never in my life did I ever think I’d write about a dinosaur’s ear, but there you go.
5 – The head is too boxy, not sleek and angular like the real thing.
6 – The nose, specifically the nostril, should be more towards the point of the nose, not so far back.

But at the end of the day, it’s just a cartoon. Can you really dig into the appearance that much? Or is it one of those “this is going to be so commonly used that it will skew people’s idea of what a T-Rex actually looks like” sort of things?

Anyway, some of the other emoji coming out are a male and female zombie, coconut, sandwich, mind-blown face, a genie, and a few others. More words from the english language that will be replaced with icons soon.


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