Ohio State Fair Deadly Accident [VIDEO]

Just so it’s clear, this WAS NOT at the California State Fair, this happened in Ohio.

There was a deadly accident involving one of the rides at Ohio’s State Fair yesterday. The accident happened on the ride called “Fire Ball.” It’s one of those swinging rides that spins around as it swings back and forth, it holds 24 people. As the ride in Ohio was swinging, witnesses reported hearing a “crashing” sound just before they saw one of the passenger “cars” break off and go through the air, crashing to the ground. There were also a few people falling from the ride itself, and victims were reportedly “were scattered across the ground.” One person was pronounced dead on-scene (being reported as an 18-year-old), and 7 more people were injured from 13-41 years old, two of them in critical condition. Again, the ride that failed WAS NOT at the California State Fair, but happened in Ohio.

The California State Fair does have the same ride actually, but as soon as they heard about the tragedy in Ohio, they stopped the ride and shut it down for inspection just as a precaution. It did undergo several inspections during installation before the fair opened as well as daily checks, but they want to be safe, so it’s stopped for now, and likely will remain closed for the remaining few days of the fair.

There is a video of the moment the ride came apart, but as a warning, it’s not edited or censored in any way and can be considered “graphic.” In the video, you can hear the “crash” sound and see the ride “flying” through the air, including two more people falling from the ride. See it here.


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