Woman Has Been Living Alone On Remote Island For 40 Years [PICS]

I don’t know why but this headline immediately caught my attention. Then I saw the pictures of where she lives and I am officially fascinated by this.

I wouldn’t never be able to do it, it actually kinda seems like a scary movie to me, but good for her for doing it.

Zoe Lucas is a 67 year old ecologist who has lived on a remote island on the Nova Scotia mainland for 40 years. The island, called “Sable Island” is off the coast of Canada and is covered in a thick layer of fog 127 days a year. With temperatures in the winter nearing freezing, and summer temperatures peaking at 20, it isn’t exactly what I picture when I think of remote island. I think most of the time when I’m picturing a remote island I’m picturing the show “Lost” and this is far from it.

Zoe first traveled there when she was 21 years old in 1971. She fell in love and has lived there alone for the past 4 decades. She relies on supplies that are flown in on a weekly basis and that’s the only way to get onto the island, by boat or charter plane. Speaking of boats, Zoe has seen more than 300 shipwrecks on the island.

She originally went there for the horses, they are what called her back. There are 400 horses living on the Island after they were brought over in the early 18th century. How cool is that? She collects horse skulls so that scientists can discover how the animals have been able to adapt to the elements on the island. On top of the horses, there are also 300,000 grey seals and 350 different bird species. The island is only 26 miles long, 0.93 across at it’s widest point.

See a picture of Zoe HERE.

See a picture of her house HERE.

See a picture of a map of where the island is HERE.

See a picture of some of the horses on the island HERE.



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