Miracle Mom Donates 5,000 Pints Of Breast Milk [PICS]

Elizabeth Anderson-Sierra is a 29 year old Oregon mom who has something called “hyper lactation syndrome”. This means she produces way more milk than she needs for her 6 month old daughter. So what does she do with the rest? She donates it.

Elizabeth has donated over 5,000 pints of breast milk over the course of the past several years and she pumps around 1.75 gallons a day. Half of the milk goes to a milk bank right here in California and the other half is picked up from her house by local parents who need it.

From gay couples to moms who are on medication or lost their breasts to breast cancer, she doesn’t discriminate. She told the Mirror,

“In total I will spend around five hours a day just pumping and then with storing, labelling, sterilizing etcetera, I easily spent eight to ten hours. Pumping is not fun, it is uncomfortable and it hurts but it is my labor of love. I’ve not had a day off in two-and-a-half years. It’s more than a full-time job. It is instant gratification when I donate locally because I see the babies and I see them thriving.”

She really has this operation down to a science. See a pic of her fully stocked milk fridge HERE and HERE.

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