She’s Holding An Auction To Fill Her Bridal Party

Not kidding. She actually held an auction and took bids from her friends and family to be Bridesmaids.

A woman posted the story to Reddit, and says that her sister, 11 years younger than her, is very spoiled, self-absorbed, and overall is “a very immature, high maintenance person.” Her sister got the idea to hold an auction to fill the bridal party, and sent out invitations to “dozens” of girls, inviting them to bid for one of the six positions. The ones who bid the highest will be the bridesmaids. There’s even a spot for the maid of honor.

She says her sister plans to use the auction money to pay for the wedding and honeymoon, adding that her sister feels like, well, we’ll quote one of her posts from Reddit:

“I told my sister they weren’t lacking for funds because it’s obvious and she just said ‘well if they’ll already be bidding we figure we should put their money towards a great event for everyone’ as though this is an act of service she’s doing for them. It’s totally nonsensical.”

Yeah, that sounds… Fascinating. Everybody can justify something somehow to make it seem like a favor for someone I guess.

Thoughts? Have you ever heard of anyone bidding for a spot in a wedding? Do you think people will actually bid on some spots?


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