Bachelorette Finale Recap And Twitter Reactions

Every season of the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette”, Chris Harrison pitches it as the “most dramatic season yet” and every finale is also the “most dramatic season finale ever”. This season finale, he actually meant what he said. It took me a good hour to even process what had happened and I am still stewing over it this morning.

SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you haven’t watched it yet, I’d stop now.

Alright so the beginning of the episode we had 3 guys left, Eric, Peter and Bryan. I had a feeling Eric wasn’t going to make it to the final two becasue a few weeks back he appeared on TMZ Live. Fan favorite was Peter, I mean they both had the gap in between their teeth, he was super genuine and they both love dogs. Seemed like a match made in heaven. Then there was Bryan, the mamas boy who also seemed to have the previous reputation of a player. The obvious choice here is NOT Bryan but he was one of the final two, along with Peter, the man who admittedly wasn’t ready to get married. Eric’s departure made me cry but he handled it so well, telling Rachel she taught him so much. He went out like the ultimate champ making Rachel second guess her decision to send him home over a guy that had openly said he wasn’t ready for marriage.

What happened next is what blew my mind. Peter and Rachel had their final one on one date and everything fell apart. Peter, understandably wasn’t ready to get engaged after knowing someone for such a short period of time. In my opinion he was telling her that he loved her and wanted to have a future with her but he needed more time to date her before he proposed. He said marriage was going to be a one time thing for him and an engagement goes hand in hand with that. She was dead set on getting a ring the very next day, the day of the finale and he just wasn’t ready to give her that but didn’t want her to give up on him. After lots of tears, the loss of Rachel’s fake eye lashes and an “I love you” from BOTH parties, they walked away from each other.

I thought to myself “no way is this where it ends, he’s going to end up being there the next day and they will be together. I mean look at the passion in that last kiss, this isn’t it, it’s not over”.

Cut to Rachel and Chris Harrison in the studio with a live audience and he says after the commercial break Peter will be coming out and they will see each other for the first time. Wait, what? That meant he actually did go home, she chose a ring over what appeared to be true love. I knew this meant she had to be engaged to Bryan because in some many interviews during the time the show was running, she said she was engaged.

Rachel and Peter meeting for the first time after they last saw each other was just as heartbreaking as their break up. You could tell the feelings were both there for both of them. What it comes down to, this process was way too fast for Peter which leads me to my next question. Will he be the next Bachlor considering he can’t handle this process? I mean he’s extremely easy on the eyes so I would love it if he was, but it seems inevitable that the same thing would happen again.

Cut to the final scene, where Bryan and Rachel get engaged. I didn’t even care, I didn’t even fully pay attention to his speech because he seems like he has alterior motives. Put it this way, the second they were able to go public with their engagement, he had a link in his Instagram bio for some merchandise he is now selling. Already trying to build his brand. RED FLAGS. What’s even worse, he re proposed to her during the live finale. Cheesy and too over the top. She got what she wanted, her ring but did she get true love? Only time will tell.

I feel like 90% of America sees right through Bryan. She should have picked Peter or Eric or even the WA BOOM guy over Bryan. I thought Nick and Vanessa from last season were a terrible match, until I saw last nights finale.

Okay here are some of my favorite tweets of the night, half of them are mine HAHA.


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