Pets On Social Media, And How Many Have Their Own Accounts

There’s absolutely zero question about it, we love our pets. We love our pets so much that many of us made a social media page solely dedicated to that pet. But just how many pets have their own accounts, you ask? We’ll explain.

Both dogs and cats, despite not having thumbs, can apparently use social media. About 1/5th of dogs and cats have their own dedicated social media page. That’s one-in-five animals you see in dog parks, the vet, walking down the street – anywhere – have a social media page. Breaking it down by outlet, 12% of animals are on Facebook, 5% have their own Instagram page, another 5% on Twitter, and just 3% are on Snapchat.

It’s called “Social Petworking.” Yeah, we LOL’d.

It makes sense too, one-out-of-two people asked say that they actually prefer animals to other people. One-out-of-four people take more pictures of their pet than their child, and another one-out-of-two people take more pet pictures than spouse pictures, as discussed a couple weeks ago. How about that? A psychologist says people are looking to their pets for companionship more than other people due to a few factors including people having smaller families now than past years, people staying single, moving away from family, and aging populations. Animals are there to be our “social comfort” and best friends.


Is your pet your best friend? Is he or she always there to comfort you, and seems to know when you’ve had a bad day and just need a hug? Does your pet have a social media account?

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