Mosquito Carrying Virus Found In Yuba County

Experts are saying it’s only a possibly debilitating virus. Found in Plumas Lake, just 30 miles north of Sacramento, a mosquito was found to be carrying St. Louis encephalitis.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that most people wouldn’t experience any symptoms after being bitten by a mosquito carrying the disease, but for some people it does have some serious reactions, and can cause infections in the nervous system, and could maybe lead to death. That’s worst-case reaction, of course. The virus most likely happened after the mosquito bit a bird that was infected after flying back up here from the south. They say that the virus can’t actually be transmitted by mosquito between people.

This isn’t anything that needs to be a quarantine or something like that like from a movie, but it’s more of a “check around your home and remove standing water” sort of post. They are spraying the town with a compound that will kill mosquito larvae, a couple times a week for a little while. Farms in the area will be sprayed too.

In the mean time, to prevent bites from mosquitos, wear repellent that has DEET, and they say to wear long-sleeved clothing, difficult as that will be in the heat. You can also avoid going outside during dawn and dusk, which is when mosquitos are most active. Check screens on doors and windows to make sure they can’t get into your home, and any standing water around your property should be drained so more mosquitos can’t hatch.


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