Taylor Swift Trial Update Day Three

Day 3 has come and gone, and was filled with more evidence and testimony, and some questioning by both parties’ lawyers.

The DJ, David Mueller took the stand and was questioned by the lawyer from Swift’s side. One of the first questions asked was about the publicity of the case, and how the public and the DJ’s job found out. “They didn’t file a lawsuit against you in public, did they?” That’s what Swift’s lawyer asked David Mueller, implying that the DJ basically caused all his trouble on his own. The lawyer also said that Taylor didn’t even file a police report when the incident happened, nor did she or her team go to the radio station where the DJ was then employed. All that dwas done in an effort to keep the incident out of the public eye, and out of the media, again, suggesting that David Mueller was the one telling people what had happened, which “rendered himself unemployable.”

David Mueller responded in the affirmative, agreeing that Taylor and her team didn’t file any lawsuit against him, and also saying that he has no idea who released the picture that shows his hand directly behind Taylor’s backside. It was also brought up that the DJ has only applied to jobs in 20 different cities, the top-20, when in reality there are hundreds where he could still look for work.

A lot of interesting points brought up in the case, and interesting ways of asking questions. If you’re ever struggling to figure out how to ask people questions, watch some court cases, they get creative with the question-asking.


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