What’s The Most Beautiful Part Of Your Face?

What lovely eyes you have, just incredible.

That’s what most people notice first, at least that’s what people say is one of the more “important” parts of the face to consider when making an “appropriate mate choice for reproduction.” Hey – that’s science, and basic biological instinct.

Men and women were both shown pictures of various faces. Those people were then asked to rate certain facial features from those faces. Men, when looking at female faces, tended to rate the whole face, eyes, and hair as the most important part (if you can call “whole face” a part). Women looking at men tend to rate the eyes and hair as the most important feature. So the research can safely conclude that, despite what some people joke about, we (men) really do notice your eyes first, and likewise. Both groups also concluded that the nose and lips were the least important feature to consider.

The leader of the group, Daniel Gill, quoted in part earlier, says “The beauty of the opposite-sex face is proposed to reflect, at least in part, appropriate mate choice for reproduction. Therefore it is expected that men and women should hold different strategies for beauty appraisal.”

What do you notice first when “selecting” a partner? Hair, eyes, nose? What’s your preference?


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