Guy Find Ridiculous Set Of ‘Relationship Rules’ In Used Car [PIC]

There are certain rules that are unwritten and just plain obvious when you’re in a relationship. Unless there’s some sort of agreement ahead of time, you shouldn’t cheat, lie, ask other people for sexual favors, etc. A guy found this list – this absolutely insane and completely bizarre list, of “relationship rules” in a used car, written by a woman for her boyfriend.

When you read through the list, it almost sounds more like a “terms and conditions,” maybe after the guy was caught doing something, probably with somebody, and was a sort of “I’ll take you back IF” kind of deal. But then again, who really knows, that’s just us assuming. Just looking at some of the rules though, many of them sound really specific and situational, and she says things like “ever again,” and includes things about certain people.

Anyway, things on the list include the amount of times he’s allowed to hang out with his friends, rules against talking to other women, rules against having other women’s phone numbers, a “I am allowed to do a phone check when EVER [sic] I please” clause, and even a rule about the maximum amount of time he can wait before texting her back, and that he should “NEVER take longer” than the time she says.

The best part about this list though is all the “cutesy” comments she hand-writes after each rule, in multiple colors. Enough of that, check out the full list here:

The original tweet was deleted, but lucky for us it lives on forever right here.

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