Katy Perry On Her First Kiss: ‘Like A Wet Fish In My Mouth’ [VIDEO]

That’s officially the weirdest explanation of a first kiss I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard some interesting stories.
Katy Perry was asked about her “first go at love,” and she began the story. She says that it happened in sixth grade. She was playing a good-old classic game of “spin the bottle” with some churchmates, and her spin landed on this one boy. She explained, “When you’re [like] in sixth grade and you’re French kissing, there’s no art to it. There’s [like] no cadence, there’s no [like] beautiful [like] up and down, [like] you know, waves and ‘ooh,’ you know. It’s just like [weird sound] – and that’s it. It just feels like you’re getting invaded in your mouth by a slug.” Just watch the video for that.

If that wasn’t a colorful enough description, she says that it just plain felt like there was a wet fish in her mouth. And that makes me want to take a day or two off from kissing anyone. Maybe ever again.

Today’s quote of the day has to be “invaded in your mouth by a slug” though. That’s just one of those phrases that nobody would ever say in any sort of everyday situation.

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