Katy Perry Spotted With Ex Orlando Bloom At Ed Sheeran Concert

How’s that for 3 name-drops in one title?

Katy Perry has been pretty active lately, being seen with a ton of different people. Chris Martin, Robert Pattinson, and now with Orlando Bloom. But wait, didn’t they already date? But they split up about 6 months ago? Yes, and yes. Also, don’t forget about those paddleboarding pictures of the two.

Anyway, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted together at an Ed Sheeran concert. A lot of people even saw the two hanging out, holding hands, and kissing while at the show, too.

Here’s one tweet that shows a sort of full story of the couple from that night:

Here’s a story from backstage:

So what do you think? Was 6 months enough time to take a break and realize they were giving it another shot? Do you think they’re back together, or were they just going out as friends who were holding hands and kissing?

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