Tom Cruise Injured During Movie Stunt Gone Wrong [VIDEO]

They’re filming the new “Mission Impossible 6” in London right now, but may be taking a break for a couple days, depending on the extent of Tom Cruise’s injuries.

They were filming a scene where Tom had to jump from one building to another. He didn’t fall or anything like that, he was strapped in a safety harness anyway in case he did miss completely and started to fall, that way the crew would be able to catch him. When he made the jump, he didn’t quite get enough speed and didn’t quite make the rooftop of the building he was trying to jump to. He caught himself on the edge, but he whacked the side of the building pretty hard. Once he pulled himself up with the help of the crew, he was seen limping pretty badly. Check out the video here.

Hopefully the injuries aren’t too serious and he recovers quickly. Tom is known for doing his own stunts, and we’re sure he’s had a few injuries over the years, but this makes us wonder if he’s going to dial it back a little bit on the physical activity.

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