People Are Naming Babies After The Eclipse, And We’ve Got The Names

The partial eclipse is happening here Monday (total eclipse a little farther north from here though), and to go along with that, if you or someone you know is having a baby due on Monday, we’ve got some eclipse-themed baby names.

Áine – (Ahn-ya) is an Irish name and comes from the Celtic goddess of midsummer. It’s a little more “latesummer” now, but the name itself translates to “brightness/radiance.”

Apollo, the god of the sun. A popular name, NASA used it for some rockets, some celebrities including Gwen Stefani named their kids Apollo, and it’s used for a lot of other things like boats, dogs, the list goes on. It’s gaining popularity as a child’s name, and will probably end up climbing even higher.

Elio, Spanish and Italian translation of “Helios,” which is another god of the sun. Very popular in France right now, actually, and “sounds” modern, too.

Soleil. French word for “sun.” Don’t forget actress Soleil Moon Frye, too, probably most well-known as Punky’ Brewster.

Now for some moon-related names:

Luna, of course for “lunar,” meaning moon.

Menodora. That means “gift of the moon,” and is a Greek name. Think “Theodora” for a similar sounding one.

Neoma. Not Naomi, but Neoma, which means “new moon” in Greek.

Selene/Selena, and they were the Greek goddesses of the moon.

Some interesting meaning and names there, do you know any that we could add to the list?


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