Women Prefer Men’s Body Odor Who Are On Fruit, Veggie Diet?

First things first – preferring something over something else still doesn’t mean you want to smell it all the time, right? Hope so.

Now that that’s handled, and I wonder how these tests were done, but women seem to, when asked, prefer the body odor of men who were on a fruit and veggie diet, as opposed to those who were on a diet consisting of more carbohydrates and meats.

The way someone smells is a useful thing to pay attention to when you’re in the dating game, not just to determine a person’s hygiene, but on a subconscious level. Our sweat/odor is a good way of determining our health status and be useful by “helping attract a mate.”

We’ll save the details about how the research was done for the research paper here, but in a nutshell, guys who were healthy and ate a diet of fruits and veggies were preferred by more women than guys who ate pastas and breads. Guys who ate meat didn’t put off a scent that was more or less appealing (if you can use that word), but rather made their natural scent more strong.

So how about that?

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