Courtroom Artist On Taylor Swift, Her Beauty Makes Her Hard To Draw

It’s not too often someone says that somebody else is too beautiful, but Denver courtroom artist Jeff Kandyba said just that once the groping case finished up.

Not that he’s complaining, but Jeff says that someone like Taylor Swift, a person who is very pretty and who “has perfectly proportioned dimensions on the face” is pretty difficult to draw. He went on to notice the way her eyebrows are shaped as well, saying “they start off really close down here to her eyelid.”

Normally that would sound like either an extremely romantic or a seriously creepy way to explain someone, but being an artist, it’s just one of those things that he has to notice and draw (literally) attention to, to make her recognizable. He’s been sketching courtrooms since the ’80s, so he’s definitely an expert at what he does. He even prepared for weeks before the case hit court, trying to figure out the “nuances in her face.”

Problem is, Jeff has been getting a ton of criticism for his sketches, one person saying “LOL, since when is Taylor Swift a 40-year-old mom?”, and “How long before Taylor Swift sues this courtroom sketch artist?”

Another problem he faced is that he’s trying to sketch a still image of someone who is constantly moving, has constant emotion changes, and may not even be sitting the same way, or even in the same chair, by the time the drawing is complete. He’s even looking through binoculars from his chair that’s about 35 feet away.

Long story short, being a courtroom sketch artist is difficult, especially when someone as easily recognizable and well-known as Taylor Swift is making an appearance.


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