Southwest Airlines Computer Glitch Gives A-Listers Non A Passes

Were you affected by the glitch? Apparently people who fly enough to qualify for A-List status weren’t given their usual priority-boarding access to the plane.

As an apology to those customers for the glitch, Southwest Airlines is giving 1,500 bonus points to those who were affected, per flight. And that could be a lot of flights, since to qualify for “A List Preferred” status, you have to fly at least 50 times per year, one-way. For the regular “A List” status, it’s 25 flights per year, one-way.

Passengers took to Twitter trying to get an answer:

The airline was actually even responding to individual complaints on Twitter, assuring passengers that they’ve found the problem and are working on a fix, and letting them know that they could board after the A-Group was called, and that the gate agent would know what’s going on.

Do you qualify for any A List status? How many flights are you taking per year?

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