What’s The Most Stressful Thing About Back-To-School?

This isn’t for the kids, this is for the adults. What’s the most stressful thing about sending your kids back-to-school? Is it adjusting your own schedule so you can get them up and out the door? Is it trying to get off work early enough so you can either get them from school, or be home so you can get them prepared for bed?

It’s actually packing a lunch for your kids. 85% of parents say they feel some sort of stress when trying to get a lunch packed, but 61% say that it’s actually the most stressful part about back-to-school time. 55% of parents say the most stressful part is getting kids awake and dressed in time to get to school, and only about 47% of parents feel stressed about their children’s homework.

All things related to getting back to school considered, packing a lunch is the last thing I would have thought of. What do you think? What was the biggest stress in your house trying to get back into the school schedule game?


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