Are We Really Flirting With Danger When We Groom ‘Down There?’

So, about 3/4 of the American population grooms “down there,” and about 25% of those people say they’ve injured themselves somehow.

What sorts of injuries? Well, besides the obvious cuts, there are ingrown hairs, rashes, razor burn, wax burns, stuff like that. 1.5% of the time there was an injury, medical attention was necessary. We’re not talking stitches (we hope), but just some sort of medical treatment was necessary.

Research was conducted by Dr. Benjamin Breyer. He’s vice chair of urology at UCSF just a couple hours down the road, and has an obvious interest in the health of our, uh, areas. His interest in trying to figure out the habits vs. injuries ratio was sparked after figuring out that about 3% of people coming into the ER at the school had injured themselves somehow during a grooming routine.

Dr. Breyer discovered that people who groomed more often were more likely to injure themselves, as they also reported grooming more “thoroughly.” His goal of the research wasn’t to determine which method was most safe, but he did discover that about 60% of the injuries were razor-related. Injuries obviously can make someone more susceptible to infections or STDs, and his overall recommendation is to take it easier on grooming. He says that many people do it safely without injury, but to the people who find themselves cutting themselves more often, or somehow injuring themselves, to tone it down some. He says “one lesson to take from this is that if you have had significant grooming injuries, or keep getting injured, you should reconsider the areas you groom, how frequently you do it, and the extent to which you do it.”


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