Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Sued For Not Paying Interior Designer

Their divorce is happening, after we heard that it wasn’t happening, after hearing that it… You know what? It’s the most confusing divorce in history, and that comes after Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s years long divorce-but-still-live-together thing they had.

Anyway, Brad and Angelina own the giant “Chateau Miraval” in France. They were having French interior designer Odile Soudant work on the property’s decorations and lighting on four of the buildings on the property. After 2 years at $29M, apparently Brad and Angelina stopped paying the designer. She was unable to pay her employees and the contractors she was using, and had to bail on the project.

The designer claims that Brad kept emailing her, asking her to finish the work, and at one point told her “Don’t waste your time with legal action. Follow your artistic journey and don’t worry about the rest.” Speaking of legal action, one of Brangelina’s companies actually had to pay the designer $662,000, and that included a bit extra for “damaging her reputation.” There’s no word on the amount that she may be seeking in another lawsuit, or if there is another one active at this time, but it sounds like there’s still some unresolved issue here.


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