Candles For Pet Owners [PIC]

As a pet owner, the first thing I ask when people come into my place is,

“Does it smell like a cat in here?”

Who else hyper focuses on the smell their pets could potentially be leaving behind that you’ve grown immune to? That is seriously one of my biggest fears, that people will stop coming over because it smells like I’m an animal hoarder. This is the reason I am a frequent flyer at Bath and Body Works where I am constantly buying candles. I have tried a bunch of different types of candles and they have always seemed to put out the strongest aroma that lasts the longest. I just found out about these candles made specifically for people with animals to get rid of the smell and I can’t wait to try them. They are called “One Fur All’s Pet House Candles” and they are just under $22. There’s a bunch of different scents and they are 100% soy wax candles. Apparently these candles eliminate smells 30 minutes after lighting them. I can’t WAIT to test them out. You can shop their online store, HERE.


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