How Our Animal Friends Might Respond To The Eclipse

Of course we’re not going to cast a shadow excluding our furry companions from the eclipse talk. Pun intentional, I think. Depending on the animal, they will have different reactions to the eclipse, probably more pronounced in areas where the eclipse will be total, or at least close to total.

How to view the eclipse without eclipse glasses here.

Scientists say that the intelligence of the animal will play the biggest factor in how they respond to the eclipse. Most insects will be thrown off, and think that night has come early. The same goes for bats, which they included in that example. The animals that have larger or better developed brains (monkeys, dolphins, llamas, etc) will stop what they’re doing and look into the sky. That suggests that they’re at least aware that something unusual is happening.

Our dogs and cats, well, they probably won’t care that anything is happening. That’s not a reflection on their intelligence though, don’t worry, they just normally wouldn’t look up at the sun in the first place. In areas where the sun becomes more covered, the animals may notice a change in temperature, but they’re likely to follow whatever your reaction is. You know how our pets are.

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