The Eclipse Has Come And Gone [PIC]

A lot happened leading up to the eclipse. Solar glasses hit the shelves, sat for a while, then suddenly they were sold out everywhere. If you saw them once on the shelf and didn’t grab them then, you missed out, just like most of us on staff here at NOW 100.5.

Traffic heading into the areas where there would be total coverage, as in 100% of the sun being blocked by the moon was an absolute nightmare. There were thousands upon thousands of cars, there were attractions, there were even law changes that applied only while people were in town to watch.

If you didn’t get to see the eclipse because you were in your office, we posted a picture just below on this post. If you want to see an eclipse in person, your next chance here in the States happens in 2024, when the eclipse will run from Texas northeast through Maine. If you’re planning a vacation and want to have the possibility of seeing one or more eclipses, well, here:
2019: South Pacific, Chile, Argentina
2020: South Pacific, Chile, Argentina, South Atlantic
2021: Antarctica
2026: the Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Spain
2027: Morocco, Spain, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia
2028: Australia, New Zealand
2030: Botswana, South Africa, Australia

eclipse2017sac The Eclipse Has Come And Gone [PIC]

Curious about some eclipse facts, like what variables have to fall into place, why it doesn’t happen every time there’s a new moon, as well as a bunch of other things you didn’t even think about asking? Check out this post here, it’s a very interesting read.

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