The Eclipse Is Hurting The Economy In Lost Productivity

The eclipse is finally happening today, but it may be a thing we have to deal with still in the weeks to come. There is actually so much hype surrounding the eclipse that companies are actually going to lose money.

How to view the eclipse without glasses.

The estimates are right around $694M is lost cash, because the average viewing time for an eclipse is about 20 minutes. If you figure the average hourly wage as being around $23.86 (I wish), then 20 minutes out of the hour equals about $7.95. Times 87 million workers, and you get your nearly $700 million, assuming everyone drops whatever they’re working on and runs outside for the 20 minutes they need.

Obviously a lot of differences would really go into the equation there, but the point is that people are interested in the eclipse more than their works, and there’s no doubt that employees will be outside standing in their parking lot staring up at the sky (please use the right sorts of eclipse glasses).

How our pets will react to the eclipse.

The company who did the math, Challenger Gray & Christmas, says that employers can use this as an opportunity to team-build and boost morale. Offer lunch, offer viewing tips, watch as a team, take the time and spend it with the employees, they say.


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