A Mom Is Refusing To Teach Her Five-Year-Old How To Read

Crystal Lowery says about her 5-year-old son that she’s “not teaching him how to read.” She revealed her stance in a Facebook post, and it’s got quite the attention, along with the obvious sorts of responses saying that reading should be a skill learned early, as well as some support.

She explains that her son is already learning other skills, like how to empathize with people, not gloat, be a good sport, learning about ecosystems, plants, animals, and he’s also busy playing outside. Here’s the post:

She says that although “he may not show up to his first day of Kindergarten with ‘advanced reading skills,’ he will come to the classroom with so much more,” like problem solving skills, how to focus on a task, ability to make friends, etc.

Does her argument make sense, or are all those things easy enough to learn just through life experience and reading should be a fundamental skill? How old were your kids when they learned how to read?

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