Insomniacs Say This Body Lotion Helps Them Fall Sleep

There has been much hype surrounding Lush Cosmetic’s Sleepy body lotion. Many insomniacs have claimed that this lotion has helped them fall asleep and it has high ratings on the brand’s website.

The light purple moisturizer contains therapeutic lavender oil, almond oil and cocoa butter and is rather inexpensive. It’s not surprising that Sleepy contains lavender oil, as many spas use the fragrance to help people relax.

According to Good Housekeeping, the product was originally a limited release but soon became a permanent addition to Lush’s stock after it sold out quickly.

There are many tips, tricks, and products out there that claim to help you fall asleep, and this seems to be the latest thing to try. Priced at $5-$20, this product could be worth a shot.

Click here to see it on Lush’s website.

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