Taylor Swift Has New Music Coming This Week, Sources Say

Taylor Swift has always been known to keep info related to her music a closely guarded secret, releasing her content to the world in a sudden, surprise sort of way, but she’s been doing things differently recently. She recently deleted all of her social media posts, which got the first rumors of new music coming.

A couple days after that, she posted this weird, cryptic sort of video. It appears to be a snake, and the video is edited to look like bad reception, with “glitching,” flashes, and low quality parts. She actually released a second one today, too, seen below.

Shortly after the video was posted, several sources started saying that yes, Taylor Swift does in fact have new music coming. They’re saying that the new song is a single off her sixth album, and it’s going to be dropping on Friday, alongside the video for the song. It’s called “Timeless” (we’re told), and it sounds “poppy” according to one of the sources. The timing is probably no coincidence, the MTV Video Music Awards are this Sunday, and we’re sure she’ll have a performance to go with the song during that event. I mean, it’s Taylor Swift, she has to perform during the award show, right?

By the way, she cleared all her social media accounts exactly 3 years to the date after the announcement of her last album, 1989. Coincidence? Are you excited for new Taylor Swift music?


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