Dad Makes App That Forces Teen To Respond To His Text Message

Anyone with a teen can relate. They have their phone in their hand all day, every waking moment. You know it, they know it, it’s like the thing never hits the table. It’s constantly in their hand or on their lap, right? Then how come when we try to text our teen, it’s like their phone is dead and gone, buried in a dirt mound 300 miles from wherever they are.

Why. Don’t. They. Respond?

Well, this father was annoyed by that very phenomenon, so he decided to build his own app and install it on his son’s phone. He called it “ReplyASAP,” and it’s probably the most annoying thing ever (for your kid, that is). The idea behind the app is that when the phone gets a text message from a certain number, an alarm goes off, whether the phone is in silent mode or not. It continues to go off, audibly, until the text message is read. It also takes over the screen, so if your teen is using Instagram or Snapchat, whatever, the message will show up and take over, forcing the teen to see it.

There’s a way to “silence” the alarm (similar to a snooze button), but whoever sent the original text will be notified that the alarm was cancelled or postponed, so you’ll still know that they know there’s a message there. “Oh, I didn’t see your message” or “my phone didn’t go off” is a thing of the past.

Is this app something you’d consider using?


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