Monday’s Eclipse Changed Certain Online Content Viewing Habits

Nearly everybody went outside to watch the eclipse on Monday. People locked their computers, people pulled over to the side of the road, people put down video game controllers, and people quit watching porn.

Porn? Yep. The porn industry took a 12% hit on Monday, if even just for a few minutes during the eclipse. The number of people watching porn on one website was 12% lower than average, but it even breaks down even further. In parts of the country that had more of the sun covered by the moon, totality, like in Nashville (nearly 100% coverage), views from people there were down 43%, nearly half the normal viewers at that time were watching the eclipse instead. In Los Angeles and New York, only 15% of their average viewers were watching the eclipse.

Netflix even reported that they had a 10% drop in active users during the time of the eclipse, as well.

I also heard that a few high schoolers put their phones back in their pockets. You KNOW something serious is happening when a teen has empty hands.

Source (but watch for possible not work safe content/discussion on the page.

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