Taylor Swift Uploaded Third Instagram Video, Plus Full Recap [VIDEO]

This makes the third video she’s uploaded this week after her social media blackout, and it also gives “the beast” a head. It’s clearly a snake, as it’s seen slithering around a bit before lunging at the camera as if it were trying to bite someone. Some kind of symbolism we’re sure. Of course some info on her blackout can be found here. The first video she dropped is here, and the second one is here.

Here’s the third video, the head, which completes the snake:

We revealed yesterday that there were rumors she was going to drop some new music, and since then people have been absolutely tearing into every aspect of the videos she’s been uploading. People are looking for clues, even going through the videos frame-by-frame, trying to find some hint of something. And there have been some discoveries.

It was revealed that the name of a new song from Taylor Swift is “Timeless,” thanks to VEVO Australia and a website that publishes song lyrics.

One person claims there’s a “25” hidden in the first video on the snake’s tail, seen below, and that Twitter user claims it means August 25th, or this Friday:

Someone else says that Taylor Swift’s VEVO account has 3 hidden videos, possibly hinting to the fact that the new music video is already uploaded and ready to go public:

And of course there are the other clues, like when she deleted all of her posts. She did it on August 18th, which is exactly 3 years after she announced her last album, “1989,” which was also the same day the single “Shake It Off” was released. But why the snake? Well, there’s a theory for that too. People are saying that Taylor Swift got the snake idea from her “haters” who posted the snake emoji to her social media posts after her ex, Calvin Harris, claimed that she went after him, trying to make him look bad.

Now that the snake is complete, I wonder what she’s going to post tomorrow. We’ll keep you updated.


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