Being A Fan Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Can Help You Find A Date

“Game of Thrones” is one of the most popular TV shows currently on-air, by far (probably including “The Walking Dead”), and there’s no question that dating someone who is a mutual fan of the show is probably important to some people. did some research, and discovered that not only are people including being a fan of GoT in their dating profile, they actually discovered that being a fan of the show makes someone 81% more likely to find a date. “The Walking Dead” fans actually get about 20% less than that. Being a GoT fan also means you were about 61% more likely to have had sex in the past 12 months, too.

What’s interesting is that, compared to other traits to put on your profile, being a GoT fan was still pretty close to the topmost preferred thing. Example:

Having a PhD only makes you 70% more likely to get a date.
Yoga? You’re only 31% more likely to get a date.
If you make over $150k a year? You’re 83% more likely to get a date, which is a close match to being a GoT fan, apparently.
Work in law? You’re 62% more likely to get a date.

Priorities can be strange things sometimes, right? Check out more details here.

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