We Think We Know When The New IPhone Is Coming Out NOW

September 12th sounds like a good day, at least to announce it. How do we know? Read below.

A tech blog looked back at the history of releases, as well as some retailer inside info, like stock guarantees made by Apple, and lead times, probably referring to when production of the phone started vs. when they will ship.

So, if Apple were to announce the phone (at least) on September 12th, that’s a Tuesday. Historically, Apple will begin pre-orders the Friday following the announcement, and the phone might just be on store shelves the following Friday, which is the 22nd, giving the pre-ordering crowd a week to make their orders.

As far as features? Well, Apple have done well keeping those pretty quiet, but there are rumors that there will be a “SmartCam,” and some sort of forward-facing sensor that will mute notifications when the phone is being used (because why would you want it to vibrate or play a sound if you’re looking at the phone in the first place). Some app developers just broke into the new code that Apple pushed out to update their “HomePod” that had references to a new “face unlock” feature that sounds kind of cool, and very secure.

Check out some more details here.

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