Check Your Backyard Playground, CA Family Found Nineteen Rattlesnakes

Not a King Snake, not a Gopher Snake, but an actual rattlesnake. And not just one, but 19 of them.

A family was in their backyard enjoying some summer play and activity when they noticed something sticking out of the side of the playhouse. Upon inspection, the family saw a snake hiding out inside. We’re not talking about those Taylor Swift snakes for once, either. The family called animal control.

When Animal Control arrived, they identified the snake as a rattlesnake. As they were trying to capture the rattlesnake, the Animal Control officer noticed that there were some babies in there too. 18 of them, in fact, for a grand total of 19 “nopes.”

All the “nopes” were removed and relocated outside of town in the desert.

Nope. Nopenopenopenope.



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